Bonus Material

This is enrichment material that can supplement or reinforce content in the Zúme lessons.  Obviously the use of these materials will increase the time necessary to go through the lessons.  Only use those you feel are appropriate and helpful for your group.

Pre-Lesson 1.2 video on Abraham Was Worth Reproducing 8:00

Pre-Lesson 1.2 video on Called to Burma 10:50

Pre-Lesson 1.2 video on Jonathan’s Faith 13:18

Pre-Lesson 1.2 video on Expectant Faith 3:59

Pre-Lesson 1.2 discussion about how multiplication is only good if what is being multiplied is good and God is not interested in multiplying mediocre disciples.  Therefore we need to aspire to be disciples worth multiplying.

Lesson 1.3 video on the Importance of Multiplication 6:33

Lesson 1.3 video on Every Disciple a Multiplier 2:44

Lesson 1.4 video on Simple Church 5:11

Lesson 1.5 activity: Have participants pair up and interview one another for five minutes each.  Then have each person introduce their partner to the group.  Then spend five minutes having each person pray silently and ask the Lord how He would introduce their partner.  Then have each person introduce their partner to the group a second time.  Debrief with a discussion about the differences they noticed between the two introductions.

Lesson 1.5 video on how Love Means Obedience 2:50

Lesson 2.2 video on Self-feeding 26:48

Lesson 2.5 video on Relational Stewardship 10:30

Lesson 3.2 video on the Spiritual Economy 6:08

Lesson 3.3 video on Jesus Was a Bad Marketer 11:40

Lesson 3.5 video on Love Like Hell 5:33

Lesson 4.4 video on Duckling Disciples 2:27

Lesson 4.4 video on Greatest Blessing 5:33

Lesson 4.5 video on Eyes to See Where Kingdom Isn’t 4:31

Lesson 5.2 video on a Prayerwalking Evangelism Story 10:59

Lesson 5.3 video on Persons of Peace 7:39

Lesson 6.3 video on What About Heresy? 8:49

Lesson 7.2 video on the Training Cycle 14:22

Lesson 8.2 video on Leadership Cells 3:01

Lesson 9.2 video on Nonsequential 12:56

Lesson 9.3 video on Pace 12:16

Lesson 9.4 video on Being Part of Two Churches 5:46

Pre-Lesson 9.5 video on How Big Is Your God? 6:21

Pre-Lesson 9.5 video on Bias Toward Action 3:51

Lesson 10.3 video on Networks 7:09

Pre-Lesson 10.5 video on Four Fields 3:17

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