Volunteer Roles on Coaching Team

For further information contact jordan@theleaderscoach.us.


To accelerate the leadership development of disciple makers as they facilitate groups through Zúme training


-A Coaching Team leader has been determined

-30+ have volunteered as coaches for Zúme groups

-A low scale group leader survey has been carried out and results gathered

-A US map of the location of our coach network has been created

-every Zúme group is currently assigned a coach


The Coaching Team is currently seeking the following volunteer positions*:

Coaching Process Strategist

-the strategist is responsible for gathering coach/group data and preparing potential updates to the process which includes:

Survey Coordination

-create and send focused surveys to groups and to coaches in order to gather feedback on their experience

Communications Administrator

-the comm. administrator is responsible for all mass communication to our coach network which includes:

Prayer Coordination

-gathering our network of coaches to pray for previous, current and future Zúme groups as well as gathering coaches prayer requests

Coaching Trainer

-the trainer is responsible for MAWL-ing new coaches through our proactive process of coaching Zúme groups which includes:

Platform Support

-onboard existing and new coaches in best practices of using the Zúme platform and other suggested coaching tools.

Tools our team will use:

ZOOM video



Google Docs, Spreadsheets, & Forms



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