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The Zúme Project Marketing Team exists to hear, learn, and understand God’s Kingdom Story that He is revealing globally via the Zúme Project and to package that story into effective popular mediums that will be broadly accessible to the body of Christ and to seekers of His Kingdom and righteousness.


Social Media

Desired Outcomes

The marketing campaign will be used to cast the purpose and vision of Zúme to raise awareness. The goal of this campaign is to reach people in every census tract by creating content that is both informational and inspiring thus leading to viral sharing.

Importance of this Endeavor

The marketing campaign is critical in raising awareness that Zumeproject.com is active and exists. Without a game plan for intentional awareness, engagement will be sub par at best. Early momentum is key in the incubation phase of launching Zúme and will provide a strong foundation of trained disciples who will be vital in helping share the site.

Success Defined

When it comes to marketing, success will be defined by both new user engagement and retained user engagement.  Success will also be defined by the increase in the social media following via the platforms we choose to implement. (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

Marketing success will also be defined by creating a network of supporters internationally via multiple outreach strategies. This network will be leveraged to push created content.

Time Period

The marketing campaign, should last indefinitely. However, the dynamic of the campaign should change due to variables both controlled and uncontrolled. Periodic assessments of Zúme should be implemented quarterly to ensure optimal market penetration.

Roles and Responsibilities

  •    Creation of social media handles
  •    Creative content
  •    Consistent posts (blogs, pictures, testimonies)
  •    Collaboration with laborers gathering creative content


Accountability will be orchestrated through consistent conversations via phone and email with product owners Jim Nichols, Forest Head, and Curtis Sergeant.

Accountability will also be implemented through in person meetings every Wednesday with Cody Harvey.


The social media manager will be responsible for the content, growth, and awareness of Zumeproject.com by leveraging multiple social media platforms and creating outreach strategies to supportive parties.


Best Practices

Pick your persona(s) and how to engage them

  •       What journey paths are we targeting?
  •       Do the paths exist? If so, where are those paths so we can set up on them? (certain FB fan pages?)
  •       When we find these paths how do we link them to zumeproject.com?

Pick your team

  •       Can the various Zúme coaches and group leaders be engaged as partners?
  •       Can the content of Zúme reinforce a call to action in social media realms?’
  •       Facebook now allows you to send a private message to anyone who has commented on one of the posts on the page. Private message people who are posting good comments, encourage to keep on posting, and private message people who look promising, encouraging them on their journey.

Communicate through campaigns

  •       You can’t tell people what to think, you can tell them what to think about.
  •       One and done communication is less effective.
  •       Post content that promises to be regular:

o   Every Thursday, post a testimony, and make it clear that this is a weekly thing

  •       Communicate through both “standup” and “improv.”
  •       Take advantage of events, holidays, and news items to make timely posts, encouraging people to interact and share
  •       Facebook prioritizes posts that are ‘trending’ according to Facebook. See what’s ‘trending’ and consider how Zume may be relevant to that topic

Get organized

  •       Keep campaigns in Trello.com and develop a content calendar
  •       This is necessary because there will always be lulls in activity (holidays, emergencies, etc.), so you need a buffer if you want people to make it a habit to come back regularly for new content.
  •       A content calendar (shared Trello board) would also set the social media point up to collaborate with a team of social media contributors

Frequency and promptness

  •       Multiple posts per day would be good
  •       Answering quickly is best
  •       The more you post and the more diverse posts you make, the more experiments you can do, the you’ll learn, and the quicker you’ll find/stumble across your first viral post and the quicker you’ll understand your strategy
  •       Post brief videos rather than long ones, images with small amount of text, rather than walls of text

Pick platform

  •       Facebook to start?
  •       Make sure to upload videos to Facebook itself instead of sharing a link to a YouTube video (for example). It will load more quickly and ‘autoplay’ as people scroll.

Let the users provide as much of the content as possible

  •       Pictures
  •       Testimonials
  •       Make sure a lot of the content is easily shareable
  •       Prioritize users who share your content a lot

Use media power tools

  •       Canva.com
  •       brand your images and videos with the Zume logo in the corner
  •       Buffer.com

Build (buy) your initial audience and then boost content (campaign) posts

  •       Think through various ‘call-to-actions’ and use them as frequently as possible in posts
  •       Advertising will be a key component to a successful social media campaign

Additional helpful training resources:

  •       Zumeproject.com itself
  •       The Art of Revolution
  •       Formula for change
  •       Critical path
  •      Hubspot for details on persona



The Marketing Team is currently seeking the following volunteer* positions:

Team Leader

We believe this position will need someone gifted in: Vision, Leadership, Evangelism

Estimated minimum time commitment: 2-4 hours per week


Zúme Project seeks individual writers to provide writing services working in coordination with the Marketing team and Social Media team. This role allows an individual with limited time to maximize their impact by focusing on just one, ongoing project.

We believe this position will need someone gifted in: Editing, Creative Writing

Estimated minimum time commitment: 1-2 hours, weekly

Copywriter / Graphic Designer

Zúme Project seeks a copywriter / graphic designer – or multiple individual with one of those talents to work as a team – to provide high impact messaging that helps “tell the story” of our global training vision and the results we’re seeing as the work develops. This individual / team will work with our Funding Team Lead and Marketing Team to help review our goals, progress and stories from the field translating them into effective print and digital messaging pieces to be delivered to potential donor organizations and individuals.

We believe this position will need someone gifted in: Vision, Encouragement / Exhortation, Teaching, Communication, Design

Estimated minimum time commitment: 1-2 hours, weekly

Videographer/Digital Editor

Photographer/Digital Editor


English – funded, launched Feb 2017

Arabic **
Chinese (Mandarin) **Chinese (Cantonese) **Farsi **French
Hindi **
Panjabi (Eastern)
Panjabi (Western)
Spanish **
Thai **


* All positions at every level within the Zúme Project are volunteer and/or self-funded.

** This language is funded and translation is in progress

Tools our team will use:

ZOOM video



Google Docs, Spreadsheets, & Forms



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